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Getting the Most Bang For Your Attraction Touring Buck (CityPass vs Go Card All-Inclusive Pass vs Explorer Pass)

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When you’ve decided on a destination to visit with your family, the next thing you probably do is start planning your itinerary. If you’re like my family, you like to visit at least a few of a city’s main attractions. Since I knew we would be visiting at least a couple of attractions on our trip to San Francisco, I decided to see if there was a CityPass available.  What is a CityPass you ask.  It’s a pass that offers admission to 5 or 6 of a city’s top attractions at a discounted bulk price.  Since you’ve already pre-paid, you skip most main entrance ticket lines too!

I heard of the CityPass because it is available here in Atlanta, but I wasn’t sure what other cities had it.  As I was researching the CityPass I came across two other options that also offer a bulk discount on admission to multiple attractions – The GO Card All-Inclusive Pass and the GO Card Explorer Pass. Both options seemed interesting and I wanted to understand the differences and which would be best for my family. I started digging into what each pass offers including attractions included, price, number of days it was valid and any other key points or restrictions.

The pass you choose (or whether you choose to purchase a pass at all) will depend on several factors including what city you’ll be visiting, how long you’ll be there, how many attractions you might be interested in exploring, whether those attractions are included on a particular pass, and how your family likes to vacation. Do you like to take it easy or do you want to get in as much as possible?

I determined that knowing my family and how they are sometimes ‘lazy vacationers’ and the fact that we would only have three full days there, we needed an option that allowed us to leisurely visit the top attractions and not feel pressure to do a ton of things to feel like we were “getting our money’s worth”. For San Francisco that was the CityPass and we ended up saving nearly 50% off the gate price since we used all of the included tickets. Had we been staying longer, we may have chosen the All-inclusive GO Card. Moving forward, if we’re visiting a city that has the CityPass, All-inclusive GO card or Explorer Pass, we’ll determine which, if any makes sense for that particular city.

San Francisco CityPass

In general, if you are visiting one of the cities included in either of these passes and plan to visit at least a couple of attractions, it is likely to be worth it to purchase one compared to paying individual gate prices. Below is my comparison of the three options including who I think each works best for. Happy Touring!

 ^Savings versus regular attraction admission price for multiple attractions

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